• Farmhood

    Farmhood is created with the dream of adding value to agricultural produce by using advanced food processing technologies. In order to protect and develop agricultural resources and reduce the food waste, we develop healthy snacks and foods that have not lost their naturalness with the help of Freeze Dry technology.

    We are learning how difficult it is to find healthy snacks without additives, preservatives or added sugars; and that some products that are portrayed as healthy are not that innocent.

All Natural and Additive-Free

We work with all our strength to produce unique products that will not create a question mark when you look at the content. All of our products are without additives, preservatives and added sugar. We record not only the content of our products, but also all processes from raw material acceptance to packaging step. We strive to use domestic products and support our producers.

Delicious as a Snack

We wanted to create products that can be consumed by anyone. Our first products, freeze dried fruit and vegetable chips, are vegan and gluten-free. You can eat them as snacks and use as a healthy and practical alternative in your meals.

Just Fruits And Vegetables

While determining our product groups, we strive to use methods and technologies that will enable us to minimize the waste of fresh fruits and vegetables. We produce unconventional food products only by processing fruits and vegetables in different ways.

  • Farmhood

    Our Story

    We have a small tangerine orchard in our summer place in Bodrum. In 2019, I started to look for ways to process the produce because we couldn’t consume all the tangerines and I didn’t want them to get wasted. Bodrum tangerine is very aromatic but multi-seeded; it may be difficult to eat or process. There are many tangerine orchards around our house and unfortunately in most gardens these tangerines are not picked and left rot. When I saw that the market price of five kilos of tangerines was ten liras, I understood why people don’t harvest the tangerines in their gardens.

    The fertilizer, consistent irrgation and maintenance of a well-draining soil required to grow tangerines as well as the resources spent on collecting them are unfortunately much above these figures. As a result, farmers who need to earn money give up on tangerines. The quality of the produce decreases due to neglect and in return the value decreases as well. Upon this observation, I talked to many local producers, farmers and agricultural engineer in the area. When I clearly understood the need for new processing technologies from them, I finally found the motivation I was looking for to take the step.
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