• What is Freeze-Drying Technology?

    The freeze-drying method, also known as lyophilization, is an unconventional and advanced application for preserving fruits and vegetables. In general, the water contained in the products are removed by by sublimination under low pressure and low temperature, rather than evaporation under high temperature. That allows the cell structure to remain intact as well as preserve the shape, color, flavor and the nutritional value of the raw product.

    In this application, first step is to freeze the products. In this way, the liquid water content is converted into ice crystals. The frozen products are placed in the machine where a low pressure and low temperature atmosphere is created in order to enable sublimination. The ice crystals are directly converted to water vapor by sublimation. In this way, the moisture in the products is greatly reduced. Unlike the conventional drying methods, the products preserve their structural and natural qualities since the temperature was not increased to carry out the water removal phase.

    We use this advanced technology to produce our fruit and vegetable chips. Thanks to this method, we can preserve the nutritional value ​​of the food by 97% while transforming the agricultural produce into crunchy and natural snacks without deforming their original shape. In addition, we extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables without adding any preservatives; freeze dried products can be stored for 20 years in their moisture-barrier packaging. They can be consumed directly as snacks or can also be used in meals and desserts.

Freeze Dry Süreçleri


Fruits and vegetables are harvested by contracted farmers during their peak harvest seasons.


After the harvest, fruits and vegetables are prepared for production by cleaning and cutting into slices.


Right after preparation, products are quickly frozen to -20 degrees temperature to minimizing the loss of nutritional value, freshness and taste.

Freeze Drying

Frozen products enter the sublimation phase, which takes 24 hours under low pressure and low temperature. Thus, the natural qualities of the product are preserved.


Finally, the freeze-dried products are packed in moisture barrier packages suitable for food after the quality controls are completed.

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