Children And Parents
  • For parents who are looking for a clean, healthy and practical snack for their children, our Freeze Dry fruits and vegetables are just the food you need.
    • It is a very practical alternative in lunch boxes, on the road, picnic and other activities.
    • As the moisture content of the fruit is removed, its flavor intensifies, making it a completely natural and sugar-free dessert, especially for children who love sugar.
    • Our vegetables are an option to prepare meals without preliminary preparation, as they are snacks and their nutritional values ​​are preserved and do not contain additives and preservatives.
    • Unlike traditionally dried products, fruits and vegetables that retain their shape make eating fruits and vegetables much more enjoyable for children.
  • Fruits and vegetables, which contain energy and high nutritional value, which are necessary before or after training, make athlete nutrition easier and practical. It is a very healthy alternative for athletes as it is easy to carry, provides practical use and can be used as a snack or added to meals at all meals.
    • It has high protein and fiber content.
    • It helps you provide the energy you need during the day.
    • Due to its lightness, the package can be easily carried anywhere; Can be consumed before or after workouts.
    • It can be added to diet lists, sports drinks, main and snacks, healthy and fit recipes.
    • In your daily sports routine; It is a delicious and healthy option that you can always have with you, whether in the gym or when you carry your sports routine outside.
    • Since the weight of the products in the same volume is reduced to one-tenth, it is an ideal food to be consumed in nature activities such as camping, hiking or jogging where easily transportable and non-perishable foods are required.
Those Who Want to Eat Healthy
  • For consumers who care about healthy nutrition and seek alternative healthy food, our products with 100% natural ingredients are exactly in line with their needs. Our freeze dried products are a pleasant snack in your daily life, and a practical option in your healthy food and dessert recipes.
    • Since it contains only natural fruits and vegetables, it does not contain gluten and lactose.
    • Our products, which do not contain animal food and do not contain animal food in the production area, are suitable for vegan and vegetarian nutrition.
    • Thanks to its low calorie, high nutritional value and easy transportation, it allows you to eat healthy at work or school.
    • It creates convenience as a ready-to-eat vegetable for those who want to work hard and eat healthy
    • Being crunchy makes it more enjoyable to eat fruits and vegetables.
    • Thanks to its high nutritional value, it can be used as a nutritional supplement.
    • Providing a feeling of fullness for a long time and being easy to digest helps you maintain the energy you need.
Boutique Producers and Restaurants
  • With our Freeze Dry part and powder products that we have prepared for businesses, you can enrich your recipes and store their raw materials for longer periods. Freeze Dry fruits and vegetables have a practical and very wide usage area, both in desserts and plates, and in beverages. Thanks to its easy storage, it ensures that fruits and vegetables produced throughout the year can be consumed easily.
    • As a natural colorant and natural flavor in all sweet and salty recipes,
    • With its visual richness, in dessert decorations and on plates such as bowls or salads,
    • In chocolate chips and granolas
    • Whole, granulated or powdered form can be used in recipes appealing to different consumer groups (raw desserts, vegetable patties, gluten-free pizzas, etc.).
    • In the production of beverages such as smoothies, cocktails, lemonade, cold and hot tea,
    • As a nutritional supplement, thanks to its nutritional value,
    • It can be used for snacks and nuts with its different appearance and taste.
Retail and Corporate Firms
  • Thanks to their unusual appearance and taste, Freeze Dried products also appeal to many sectors that are in search of different products.
    • Retail sectors such as markets, which have a mission to offer healthy and natural foods, include our Freeze Dry dried fruits and vegetables on snack shelves.
    • Innovative brands aiming to differentiate in organizations and product launches prefer our fruits and vegetables as treats.
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