Why Freeze Dry?

Thanks to Freeze Dry technology, fruits and vegetables only remove water and preserve their fresh nutritional values, structural properties, minerals and vitamins.

Fresh All Season

Since the products are prepared and frozen quickly after harvest, the freshness and nutritional values of the products are largely preserved.


Fruits and vegetables with high nutritional value do not deteriorate physically and chemically by drying at low temperatures.


With Freeze Dry technology, the moisture content of the food is removed up to 2% thus aroma is folded.


Our products, which don't require any preliminary preparation before use can be consumed as snacks everywhere and can be used in meals, desserts and beverages.

Long Lasting

Only Freeze-Dried products can be stored for years without softening or spoiling, as long as they are stored at room tempature an in a moisture barrier package.

  • What Our Do?

    By making use of new generation food processing technologies, especially the Freeze-Drying technic, we develop healthy snacks, foods and new flavors that have not lost their naturalness. We extend the shelf life of the products while preventing the loss of nutritional value and create new application areas.

    We focus on new generation food technologies in order to protect and develop our country's agricultural resources, increase the value of agricultural production and prevent food waste.
Usage Areas
  • In additition to being snacks, our products appeal to many diffrent people, thanks to their wide range of uses. Our products, which are additive-free, sugar-free and produced only from fruits an vegetables are suitable for consumption by all age group.

    Freeze Dried fruits and vegetables can be consumed alone or with other foods thanks to their high nutritional value aroma and crispy texture.

    • Instead of sugar-added and unhealty options when you crave a sweet or salty snack,

    • In your recipes by turning it into whole granules or powder,

    • As a practical snack,

    • Making healty and raw dessert,

    • Chocolate, cake or cake decorations,

    • To enrich your granola or bowls,

    • In homemade hot and iced teas, coctails, smoothies and other beverrages,

    • Due to its ability to recombine with water it is used in soups, juicy dishes and salads.

    • It can be used for natural flavoring, natural coloring,nutritional supplement and many more purposes.
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